Death is an illusion and you are in an unconscious state, aware of nothing and knowing nothing, until the Resurrection Day comes. I did not get to say goodbye before you left us; but, I will see you again.

Over the years I thought of you, often. Although, I married a wonderful man and had children, I thought of you. We were close friends when we were young.

Our last get-together was bittersweet. I was on a date with someone else; although, you and I spent most of the evening talking with one another. I had no idea you were going to be hanging out with my posse; I was told there would be another friend joining us for a ride to a concert in town. Your name was mentioned but it was a nickname; I heard your buddies call you JoJo, but I didn’t associate that name with you.

I remember you standing up for me; when I came into the house where we were meeting before going out. You had always been a gentleman. I could not believe it was you and I was so happy to see you; it had been a few years since we had parted after middle school. I was going to be a senior in high school that year.

That night I realized I was no longer just one of the boys; as far as you were concerned. Childhood was over and we were young adults.

After you informed me that you could sing; I discovered you had a silky deep seductive voice. I didn’t realize how good you were, until now, great pipes. Your group, ‘The Elusions’, recorded two excellent albums with several popular single releases; (See You Again) In My Dreams, being your favorite. The group was even on American Bandstand with Dick Clark. You lived your passion and were successful.

At the end of the evening, as we were preparing to leave the event, you told us you would catch another ride. I heard myself saying to you, “you’re staying”? We just stared at each other and you nodded your head, yes. If, I had known you were not leaving with us, I would have discreetly given you my phone number so we could stay in touch. That was our last encounter. I thought I would see you, again.

One morning, while Facebooking, I was surprised to receive a friend request from a local personality. I accepted the request and clicked over to check out his Facebook page. It seemed within minutes of my getting on the site someone shared a post, of your passing away, just two days before. A Memorial Service was arranged and posted shortly, thereafter. Ironically, the new friend I made on Facebook, turned out to be your former manager when you were a recording artist.

Once again, I had found you, and lost you!

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran

At least now I had enough information to find a footprint on the internet. For the last few weeks, I have been collecting photos online, and music from YouTube. My favorite picture was of the original group on a photoshoot in New York City. Your vogue and attitude in that shot were pure star quality.

Death, separation, and grief. Boy, I miss you. Why did you have to go away; and leave me like this? No one else existed for me when we were together. We would just rap and laugh. In school our Circle was tight; and we loved one another. Love is forever; if it’s not forever, it’s not love!

So, I’m putting this out there in the universe; and I am asking you to meet me at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, because this is where I imagine you in my heart. Until, we meet again…

My mind still talks to you.
My heart still looks for you.
My soul knows you are at peace.


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