Are you Ready to See a Stellar Display of Shooting Stars? Look Up and Watch the Glory From Your Heavenly Father!

There is nothing more majestic or beautiful than God’s heavenly handiwork!  And starting on August 11, an amazing show will be visible around the world, using just the human eyes! No wonder all through the bible it tells us to “look up.” We will witness yet another awesome wonder, a downpour of shooting stars raining from the heavens above. While the Perseid meteor shower happens annually, astronomers believe this year could be extra special.

Over 100 shooting stars per hour will light up the dark, moonless night. What a radiant delight to gaze our eyes upon!  As an added benefit, the waning crescent moon will not show its presence before sunrise, so the moonlight will not obscure this year’s Perseid light show.  The skies will appear darker than usual, creating a dramatic backdrop for the shooting stars to illuminate against, standing out even more as they descend from the heavens!

“The more of the sky you can see the better,” said astronomer Affelia…

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