Thailand Inspired Smoked Link Sausage / Hot Dog Sandwich

I love the red hot sausage dogs!

Joe Graff's Recipe Blog

Sausage Hoagie RollsI reckon it does sound strange to read both “Thailand” and “hot dog” in a recipe title. One of the many surprises I had during my first visit to Bangkok, was visiting a Tesco supermarket and seeing the “hot dog” deli counter. Oh my. There were over 100 varieties, and only one of them is really what we would call a “hot dog”. Some of my favorites were bacon and cheese ones as well as the German-styled brats wrapped in bacon.

Smoked Link BolThere were also stalls set up on the streets and sometimes inside the supermarkets that would grill sausages/hot dogs for take away. Thais mostly eat their tubular meat with a bamboo stick/skewer. The hot dog buns are of course used for ice cream. That is not a joke. They sell ice cream on hot dog buns instead of cones. Here’s a link to see what I’m talking about

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