Ribbon Quilt Border – a quick tutorial

Ivy Arts

I had ‘snowing class’ last night and I’m so excited about the border to the courthouse steps quilt! It’s looking great already. I had a lot of strips cut that I didn’t use for the quilt and wanted to use them in the border. But I also needed to change the pattern or scale so that it would stand out from the main blocks. The ribbon border is the perfect solution. Here are some quick instructions.

1. Sew strips and cut into squares. Use as many strips as you like, the more contrast, the more the ‘ribbon’ will stand out.

2. Cut the squares into triangles. They can’t all be cut the same way. Be sure to cut an equal number from corner a to d and from corner b to c (see illustration).

3. Turn the triangles to get ribbon effect (see how the pink forms a “V”). Sew…

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