Cool Wedding Favor Ideas You Can DIY in 3 Steps or Less


Between the dress, the flowers, and the guest list, no one can blame you for running out of inspiration when it comes to wedding favor ideas. While any wedding planner–or past bride, for that matter–will tell you not to waste money on expensive favors, they are a nice way to thank your guests,

At first, it might seem like a good idea to send everyone home laden with trinkets products bearing your new initials, but let’s be real: Your wedding day was the best, but no one needs to be reminded of it every day afterwards. Instead, your favors should be small, light, and inexpensive. Read: Something your guests can get rid off eventually without feeling guilty.

That’s where these budget-friendly, easy, lighthearted DIY wedding favors come in. From cute bags of candy to floral favors, here are seven ideas your guests will actually want to take home.

wedding favor ideasPhoto: Art Social

1. DIY flower…

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