Durian Muffins, The King of Fruits (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


durian muffin 3We got Durian in the house again today. My request, because my wife claims it makes our new baby cry at night.

Maybe it’s just the night and she gets lonely. Maybe it’s the smell, though I don’t think it’s as bad as most people think (or claim) it is…

Maybe it’s the heat, feeling like a 105 in the house, and making the Durian a wee bit more pungent. But you said it didn’t smell! No, what I said is that I don’t think it smells that bad. Everything has a smell, right? Good, bad or somewhere in the middle of good and bad. So Durian on the smell scale is about a 5 out of 10. If it were a 10 or a 9, who the hell would eat it.

durian muffin 5I made muffins. Last time it was a roll, like a cinnamon roll, stuffed with brown sugar and…

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