Blowing and Sculpting Sugar

The Fine Art of Confectionary

At the request of a kind reader named Robb, I offer the following information on the subjects of blowing sugar, as well as pulling and molding sugar into a variety of shapes.

Allow me to begin by stating blowing sugar is perhaps THE most tedious technique in Sugar Artistry to master.  There is nothing complicated about it, yet, as with so many crafts, its mastery absolutely demands lots and lots of practice, and definitely a great deal of patience.  Only through practice will your hands and eyes learn to recognize the changes in crystallization of sugar as it begins to solidify when pulled, moreover just how hard and how far you can physically stretch the sugar mass.

First, I recommend some research.  Learn all you can about Ewald Notter, today’s unrivaled GOD of sugar artistry.  He grew up in a small village near Zurich, Switzerland — the birthplace of all sugar arts…

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